Assumptions of the “Polish Deal” .


The government presented numerous assumptions of the new “Polish Deal” project, which is part of the planned great socio-economic reform. The published bill contains detailed solutions related to the reform of tax regulations, which is to apply from 2022. In addition to tax changes that are to reduce taxes, the “Polish Order” assumes improvement of the health care by increasing funds for its financing, increasing wages and increasing the level of wealth of Polish families. This multi-year government development plan is intended to help overcome the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, stimulate investment and development, and support innovation.
One of the key elements of the “Polish Deal” is a wide package of changes in the tax system, both for companies and entrepreneurs, as well as for private individuals. According to the Ministry of Finance, the tax solutions proposed under the “Polish Deal” are also intended to tighten the tax system. According to the assumptions, these measures would contribute to reducing the tax wedge and improving the fairness of the tax system.

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